Systems containing plastic pipes

Systems that contain plastic pipes are much harder to correctly clean than systems that are 100% metal. The smaller the pipe’s diameter the harder to clean and the easier they block up. All systems have a sludge/rust build-up over time and therefor needs to be cleaned at regular intervals. With plastic piped systems it is even more important and if power flushed in the early stages of the sludge build-up, before the problems start, power flushing will work fine in cleaning it out. If however the system is left to a stage where the problems are serious, power flushing is not that effective. We have developed a process called POWDER FLUSH, that deals better with serious cases of build-up. Visit our website for more info   

Stages of developing problems, commonly related with plastic piped systems:
Stage 1 – Radiators start only heating on top and never gets fully warm.
Stage 2 - One radiator starts working intermittently, then stops working completely.
Stage 3 – Once one radiator has stopped working, a new one will stop working every so often.
Stage 4 - Boiler cutting out more and more often until it will not work

If you are experiencing these problems it’s better to get your system cleaned as soon as possible. In stage 1 and 2, power flushing SHOULD still be able to clean sufficiantly. By stage 3 or 4, POWDER FLUSH is the only real answer. Many plumbers do not know that these systems can now be correctly cleaned and are quick to tell customers that re-piping is the only option, once a power flush fails to fix the system.

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