Suspended PowerFlush Association Members + Non-Member companies (We review this page monthly)


Suspended Members: (We cannot give references or handle complaints for suspended or non-member companies)

Please note that members can get suspended and will be removed from our website, as soon as they do. If you are not sure if a company that is displaying our logo or claiming to be affiliation to us, is indeed a member. You can always verify their membership by contacting us.

We are happy to talk about or give references for our members, but we can't for non-members.


Andy Mitchell from Power-Flush Scotland: Banned from being a member due to excessive complaints

We have banned Andy Mitchell from Power-Flush Scotland from being a member of ours due to excessive complaints. The complaints were mainly based on him NOT giving receipts / NOT taking previous customer's calls / NOT giving any aftercare once he got paid. He sold insurance to customers on power flushes performed ranging from 2 to 5 years only to ignore these customers, when they had a problem. He is also NO LONGER registered to work on gas any appliances. He uses many false addresses in Perth, Inverness and Edinburgh. If you have a complaint about this person, please submit it to us, so we can use it as evidence in upcoming legal action.


Current contact numbers: (there are many others)

mobile 07581 135600

office 0800 688 9006


Websites he currently operate:




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