If power flush didn't work? Try a Powder Flush

Power flushing has limits and does not always work to unblock the boiler or radiators. On really old systems, power flushing can be have limited results at clearing hard sludge from certain areas in the system. Power flushing open vented systems are the hardest, as these systems don't just have more sludge but they have hardened sludge that could have built up over many years. The chemicals used in power flushing are not always that effective at removing hardened sludge and the machines are not always strong enough to push through the blocks.

We developed Powder Flush: It is a great alternative to a power flush and works by pumping a dissolvable powder or pellets (of different sizes) down the pipe work and through the boiler and radiators. This cleans the system by friction and is by far the best way to clean central heating system with hard sludge build-ups. Powder flush is also more effective at dealing with sludge flakes, over power flushing alone. When the system is clean, the heating gets turned on and the powder and pellets dissolve into the water and gets disposed of down the drain and the system water gets refilled with clean tap water removing 100% of the abrasives from your system. The abrasive does not damage any part of the system, it just cleans out the sludge which is much softer that everything else. Powder flush is guaranteed to clean any system no matter how bad the sludge build-up is. Please note: powder flush and pellet flush are exclusive technologies that can only be provided by one company, to read more on powder flush / pellet flush or prices; visit www.powderflush.co.uk

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