Power Flush Cost and Prices:

- The cost of having a power flush done has come down a lot.
- When getting power flush quotes, make sure that you use one of our local members. We make sure that they keep to our standards, which will give you the best results. We also have complaints procedure in place if you have any problems.
- The most expensive companies are the insurance companies that guarantee your boiler or central heating system. As a very rough guide, an insurance company will charge £600+ to power flush a 6 radiator system, while with it will be more like £300. The process, machines, skills, chemicals and results will be the same.
- On completion of the power flush, our members will issue you with a proof of power flush, in certificate form. These are important when you have your system insured by a third party, as they will ask to see this evidence that the power flush has been performed professionally. If you don't have a proof of power flush, insurance companies are likely to refuse further work and future cover.
- Boilers and central heating systems tend to break down often if they are full of sludge and debris, these companies tend to refuse working on the system or replacing parts -until it has been cleaned by power flushing.
- As the new and old parts can be damaged again and again, causing constant breakdowns and callouts.
- The prices our members charge will vary from member to member, even in the same area so make sure you compare the power flushing quotes and prices for the best deal.

















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