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Scope of these terms and conditions:
The Terms and Conditions listed below cover any aspect, activity and transaction carried out by Novatus Ltd. (The Company) under any of its brands, trademarks, members or affiliated company/s. Any person or company that interacts, transacts or is a member of the company is subject and agrees to the full contents of the Terms and Conditions.

Power flushing your central heating system can not cause any damage to the pipes or radiators, if it has been installed correctly and it will not fix any leaks or damage already caused by the scale, sludge and internal rust.
Also, on rare occasions (but they do happen), because of the removal of the sludge and scale, it may expose small leaks in the system which was not showing previously as they were blocked by the debris. We cannot be held responsible for these leaks; if a radiator starts leaking it will simply be isolated from the system so that it can be replaced by another company.
-We cannot fix any pre-existing damage,including but not limited to: pipes, radiators, boilers, taps or valves by power flushing .Power flushing simply cleans the system from all loose debris / scale/ sludge, the damage caused by the sludge or scale before we flushed it will have to be repaired, by another company after we have done the flush. The best option for heavy and hardened sludge build-up in the system is "powder flushing" not "power flushing", as this process uses and abrasive powder to scrape the hardened sludge of the inside walls of the system. We let the client/clint's plumber decide which one of these two services they require and we will not be held liable if their diagnosis is wrong.
-Our success on cleaning the system will depend on the information supplied by you as our client or your plumber/gas engineer (We strongly recommend that we speak to the person who diagnosed the problem before work starts on the day of the work, so we can have a clear picture of what needs to be done).We do not diagnose the problem/s with your system, this should be known in advance and you have to inform us before work starts what you want us to do. There are two main categories “de-scaling” and “de-sludging” we can only do one at a time and the prices for power flushing only includes any one of the two, NOT both.
“Descaling” means that the heat exchanger/s in the boiler is scaled up and has to be descaled, the products and techniques used are different from desludging and might have little to no effect.
“Desludging” means to remove all the rust, dirt and debris from the system using a mixture of chemicals, magnets, high flow water (power flushing).This will NOT descale the heat exchangers of the boiler but it will unclog them from debris and dirt forced in there by the pump, over time.
-If radiator valves start leaking by us simply operating them as a normal, during a flush, we will attempt to stop the leaking by tightening the nut, the leak is coming from which normally works, if it does not, we reserve the right not to fix that leak or have to fix that leak.
-Payment is due on the day of the power flush, and is not subject to the certification under section BS7593 which might be done on a different day, at our discretion/client request at an extra charge.

When the work is completed by the contractor they will contact us with the readings and we will record them on a certificate which we will send to you within 5 days of completion. We cannot and will not send it faster that 5 days. As we did not test the water quality ourselves and we fully rely on what the contractor gave us. We cannot guarantee that these will be accurate. We can have samples of the water tested to confirm the reading provided, but this is a chargeable service. (See our website for details)
-Size of the property:
We simply work of how many radiators you have in the property; we do not distinguish between single and double panel radiators. We simply class it as one radiator. The amount of radiators will be directly linked to the price charged, if you give us incorrect information the price quoted will change based on how many radiators you really have.
-We reserve the right not to complete the power flush if we find a problem with your system that prevents us from doing the flush. An example of such a situation would be: that the pipes are run or connected incorrectly, another would be that part or all of your system has been or is illegally installed. We will charge a part of the original agreed price; payment is due on the day the work was done.
-Any extra work, falling outside this agreement can be agreed to or refused, by us , without changing the original agreement and will be charged for as a extra and totally separate job.
-Payment can be made via cheque, cash or card
-Non-payment, payment refusal, cheque that doesn’t clear will be referred to the small claims court immediately without any prior notice. All fees /interest incurred will be added to the outstanding total.
Complaints: Our members have been instructed on how to do the works and have been vetted in advance as far as reasonably possible. We will never see the work done and each system is different, we can only rely on what we have been told by a professional, which is mostly our member/s. From these comments we can form a very limited view of "what is wrong" or "what went wrong". We do not accept liability for our members and any disputes have to be taken up with the company who did the works. Some systems are beyond help and we do not guarantee any work. We will not come out to confirm that we have done our job correctly as we always do unless agreed otherwise in advance. We will not get involved in disputes between our clients and other companies or carry their costs or your losses. We can have the water tested to confirm that a power flush has been carried out and that inhibitor has been added to the correct levels, but we charge for this service, see our website for prices.

Power flushing includes:
- The de-sludging or de-scaling agent needed for the size of the system, calculated to manufacturers recommendations.
- Flushing the boiler, each radiator individually and the system as a whole from one entry point.
- Inhibitor will be added to the system when the power flush is completed to prevent future rusting of the system, the amount used is calculated to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Powder flushing includes:
- All chemicals needed for the process
- Flushing from a maximum of 2 entry points
- The adding of inhibitor calculated to manufacturer’s recommendations
- "Powder flushing" is a patented and trademarked technology and is currently only available from Novatus Ltd which is the owner of “The PowerFlush Association”, we are based in London, UK and we cannot provide this service on a national basis, but we will cover as far and wide as possible. Please inform us if any other company has offered to provide this service as they will be breaking the law, your details will never be revealed and we will treat any reports as confidential. We reserve the right to refuse any work/s at any time.

Guarantee on power flushing work
Guarantees will not be offered as standard, if offered it will be inwriting and the period it covers specified. All guarantees are subject to us testing a central heating water sample, if it "fails" the water quality standard we will re-flush the system. The free test we offer is to test one central heating sample, once, for; TDS count, PH level and Molybdate based inhibitor - only. The responsibility and the costs of taking the sample and posting it to us, is that of the property owner and not that of our member/s or ourselves. We will not be held liable or carry any costs relating to the sample taking, posting, etc. Our test results will depend on the sample we receive; where and how it was taken. All of these factors are outside of our control and we cannot be held liable for incorrect results as a result of these variables. Results will be emailed to the details provided on a form. We as an association will not get involved or be held liable for disputes or settlement of disputes with members or third parties. The free testing service does not include certification of any kind; certification of water samples is a chargeable service. The guarantee offered is subject to system interference, inhibitor levels and regular maintenance. We can also offer a cash refund of the original monies paid. For this guarantee to be valid you have to post us a water sample on completion of the power flush for testing, we will then send you the guarantee + test results by email. If we don’t have a sample on file we cannot compare the results.

Our Members
The company acts as a trade organisation to our members, who are other power flush companies in the UK and Ireland. Most of our members have not been trained by us, but they have been vetted in advance and it has been established, as far as reasonably possible that they are competent to carry out power flushing work. Although we are able to exclude members from the association for future jobs we cannot take liability for works they have done in the past. We do everything reasonable to avoid damage/ flooding, but we cannot and will not be held liable when this occurs, any disputes have to be taken up with the member/contractor directly. We make no warrantees or guarantees on their work; we simply set out rules that give them the best chance of success when doing a power flush. We do have a dispute process, where we supply facts to both sides, to try and clear up misunderstandings. If a member continually gets disputes made against them, we suspend their membership with the association, either temporarily (pending investigation) or permanently.

Refund / Cancellation Policy:
We will clearly state, if a refund is available for any of our goods/services we provide. As a general rule we do not offer refunds unless we agree so with you in advance. Any services provided will fall under the terms and conditions of the contract signed, in person, before any work is carried out. This contract will also make clear the refund policy for that job in particular. Our members and their companies will have their own refund policy in place, and will be subject to your agreement with them, not the Association directly.

Optional extras:
-Extra doses of inhibitor, we recommend using more doses than the manufacturer recommends as small leaks and topping up the system, over time, can dilute the concentration of product to below the recommended/intended strength.
You cannot put too much inhibitor into a system so overdosing is recommended.


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