How to become a member of the Power Flush Association:




Choose one of the following options:


1) Sign up as a Standard member (1 year) - Cost £75 per year

Suitable for anyone that has power flush company or wants to start one and wants to do their own promotion, but want our extra support and discounts.

  • Get a pack of “Proof of power flush certificates” to issue on job completion.
  • Get van stickers.
  • Use of our logos.
  • Expert level power flushing tips.
  • Client dispute assistance.
  • Technical assistance on power flushing queries.

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2) Membership Renewals

If you are already a member and want to renew your membership with us. Cost is £75 per year:



3) Corporate memberships - Cost will vary

Suited for companies that power flush professionally and have more than 3 power flush engineers. We can adapt the package to your needs; all the way from basic to full testing, certification and dispute handling.

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