Power flushing removes all the sludge from a system
Power flushing removes a large percentage of sludge / rust, but not all of it. It is not possible to remove all the sludge from a system especially older systems.

DIY power flushing is easy
If you are a plumber and understand how the system and boiler functions, it would be an easy procedure to learn.
For anyone else, you will be taking a very big risk, not only in wasting your time and money trying, but all the possible damage you could cause.
The single biggest problem with DIY power flushing your system; is that you don’t have a “proof of power flush certificate” in the end. If you have insurance cover on your system, the insurance company is going to ask for this and will probably refuse further and future work if you don’t have one. All our members will issue you with a proof of power flush certificate on completion of a power flush. Prices are much more competitive today than 5 years ago.

Here are the procedures to take if you would like to DIY power flush anyway: Procedure for sealed system and Procedure for open vented systems. If you are unsure as to which system you have; open vented systems have a water tank in the loft, while sealed systems have a pressure gauge on the boiler.

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