Photo / Picture gallery on power flushing:


How does The PowerFlush Association's "member logo" look?(sample logo)

What is sludge and how does it look? (In suspension) (Concentrated) (Sludge in pipes)

How do I know that my central heating system needs a power flush? (picture)

You can take a water sample from your central heating system by either bleeding a radiator or from your F&E tank

How does the Free radiator bleed key look? (picture)

How does my combi-boiler's secondary / plate / hot water heat exchanger look? (picture)

How does a combi boiler make hot water? (picture)

How does a combi boiler work? (picture)

How does a magnetic filter work? (picture)

Magnetic filters used to power flush central heating system (picture)

What is a feed and expansion tank (f&e tank) and how do I know I need a power flush? (picture)

What is a radiator valve? TRV, wheel head or lock shield valve (picture)

How do I bleed the air out of my radiators? How does bleed off keys look and work? (picture)

Signs of sludge in central heating system: Rust at bottom of radiator (picture) and dirty water (picture)

How do I balance a radiator? How do I balance a central heating system? (picture)

How does the pressure gauge on the boiler look? (picture)

What part of the hot water cylinder gets flushed when power flushing? (picture)

How does POWDER FLUSHING look? How does it compare to power flushing? (picture) (Video 1) (Video 2)

What is the "H" that blocks on open vented systems? If your system is over pumping; water coming out of vent pipe over feed and expansion tank. The H is your problem (picture)

Other debris found in central heating system (picture)






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