Looking for the best power flush machine?

There are many machines on the market, but their specification is mostly the same. They operate at around 1.5bar and 100litres per minute. If you are new or relatively new to power flushing it's best to start off with an "off the shelf machine" and do smaller jobs with it, until you have lots of experience.

The manufacturers of power flush machines will always tell you that there machines are the best, when in reality they are often too weak for professional companies and designed for smaller properties (under 10 radiators). Larger systems require a lot more flow and pressure than they can supply, which makes it hard to flush larger systems correctly. The best power flushing machine is mostly a custom built machine, because it can be adapted to the professional’s and system's needs. Standard “off the shelf machines” are not adjustable so they might be fine for a 10 radiator system, but much too weak for a 24 radiator system. Custom built machines can have any flow rate you want at any bar pressure you require, because you can design it that way.

A lot of our members now use custom built machines and it is common for a professional power flushing company to own 2 or more machines.

Looking to buy a new power flush machine?
Buying new power flush machine is a big outlay of capital. Why not think second hand? There are always good, second hand machines for sale on ebay.co.uk just type in "power flush machine"



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