Know your contractor

We try and make the power flushing industry as transparent as possible, but we can only do that for our members and we recommend using them because of that. Our members will display our logo on their websites and you can always verify them by contacting us. You might be shocked to find out, that around 80% (we estimate) of all non-member companies, actually hide their real company names from customers, on their websites and other online advertising. Some, even don't give receipts. If things go wrong there is not recourse because you can't prove who did the work to your system. There are websites stating company names, that have actually been closed down years ago. They try and tell customers that they use “trading names” which are useless when you are having problems with them. Another excuse, is claiming that the “website is out of date”. They are NOT, they are just making it impossible to trace them.

Companies: UK law now require, all companies to list their: Full name, address, company number, VAT number (if they have one) and the statement “Registered in England and Wales” on their website/s and in all email correspondence, normally as a footer (at the bottom of email) and on receipts. In power flushing, very little companies actually do this.

Example of how the company name should be displayed on a website: “Great power flush company Limited - 21 Sample close, Oxford, OX11 1AB - Company number: 123123 - Registered in England and Wales”

Genuine “Sole traders”: Will use a name like "Great power flush company" without the Limited or Ltd. part. There is no central register to search for them. Many limited companies exploit this to claim they are not companies at all, but sole traders, on their websites. Still verify them: The insurance certificate, which they need by law, will have the same name on it, as on their website and the same name should be on their receipts.

As 80% of all power flush companies do NOT state the correct company details on their websites. We recommend a 3 step verification process:
Step 1: What is their company name? You can also check the company number, if listed. Not the “trading name” or anything “similar sounding”, the actual legal company name. It will end with the words “Limited” or the abbreviation “Ltd.”
A company that is fully transparent with “who they are” will have their full company name on their “contact page” or at the bottom of every page of their website.
Now, find out if the company actually exists? You can do this by typing it into the Companies House website HERE. Also make sure that their current status listed as “active” (open for business) and NOT “dissolved” (closed down). If you don't find them listed in companies house, they do not exist as a company.
Step 2: By law all companies need to be insured, and have to have a certificate to prove that. Do they have a insurance certificate in their company name? Ask to see it. If they are transparent they will email you a copy or have it listed on their website. That name should match the company name, in Step 1. To be insured, you will have a insurance certificate.
Step 3: Receipts should be issued on completion of all power flushing work. The company name on it, should match the company name in Step 1 and Step 2. Remember "Great power flush company Limited" and a company called "Great power flush and heating company Limited" are two different unrelated companies.

Example verification of a company:

Let’s say you are thinking of using a company with a website called (just an example not real website). Look at the bottom of the website pages and on the contact page. What is the company name or number?
Let’s say they claim to be “Great power flush company” type that into companies house and you should get a result “Great power flush company Limited” or ““Great power flush company Ltd.” That would prove that the company actually exists. Make sure the address matches. If they do, make sure the company is “active”. You can also type in the company number, if you have it, which should match the name.
 Finding a “sound alike” company called ““Great power flush and heating company Limited” is a complete different legal entity. If the name does NOT match, you are talking about a different company and not the one on the website.
If you want to contract them for work, request an insurance certificate. Name on the insurance certificate should say “Great power flush company Limited” or “Great power flush company Ltd.”
Once the power flush has been completed the receipt issued, should say “Great power flush company Limited” or “Great power flush company Ltd.”



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