About us

The Power Flush Association was created to set a standard for our member companies in the UK and Ireland. Our members have the necessary training, experience and insurance to safely and effectively power flush your central heating system. Displaying our logo is a condition of membership, all members have to display our logo on their website. Don't be fooled: Companies that claim membership but do not display our logo are probably NOT members of ours. If you are not sure about a company you are considering using, please contact us.

The Power Flush Association is the first membership organisation of its type, in the power flushing industry. Power flushing is an unregulated profession and anyone can start a business - and - claim to be a professional, no matter what their background or skill level. All they need to do is buy a power flush machine and build a fancy website. There is no way of knowing who is experienced in the field and who is not. We aim to create local experienced member companies, with proven track records. Giving the public peace of mind, that when they use one of our member companies, they will get the best result possible.

We provide free advice, information and training regarding power flushing to individuals and businesses alike. This benefits both our members and the public, as it guarantees experienced operatives with access to specialist knowledge when they need it, while giving the public access to the same information and a complaints procedure should something go wrong.

How do you know if you need a power flush?
The only real way to know is to get a consultant visit or post us a water sample for testing. As a rough guide you can have a look at the water colour.

Watch our VIDEO to learn the basics of power flushing

List of our services:
- Information on power flushing and related subjects.
- Training on how to power flush, both basic and expert levels.
- Testing central heating water samples.
- Domestic and Commercial consultancy of central heating systems and water quality control.
- Domestic and Commercial power flushing services via our members.
- Power flush related products: power flush machines, pump adaptors, secondary heat exchanger adaptors, etc.

Domestic service: We provide power flushing on a national basis. We cover all of the UK and Ireland.
Commercial / Industrial service: We can provide national coverage for commercial jobs, which includes Scotland, Wales and Ireland. We consider systems that have more than one boiler or systems with more than 20 radiators as commercial.


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